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Domestic Scaffolding

Although we are highly experienced in providing robust and large-scale scaffolding for construction and commercial projects, we are just as happy to accommodate small builds and domestic properties.

Do you have high ceilings that could do with a lick of paint? Perhaps your house is being renovated and requires scaffolding? We can erect all types of scaffolding, tailored to your needs.

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Our scaffolding for all domestic requirements includes:

  • Chimney scaffolds
  • Scaffolds for painting
  • Staging
  • Temporary roofing
  • Scaffolding for domestic construction work

Martini Scaffolding Customer Care

All of Martini Scaffolding Services’ workforce are qualified, courteous and professional, plus all of our estimates are completely free.

We endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. Our clean, tidy workmanship means your scaffolding will be supplied and erected with care and expertise.

Martini Scaffolding Customer Care
Commercial scaffold Commercial scaffold hire

Commercial scaffold suppliers based in Kent

If you need commercial scaffolding supplied and erected by industry professionals, then Martini Scaffolding Services are here for you. Whether you have a large office block or require tower scaffolding, our services are tailored and personalised completely to your needs.

We are registered with the CISRS (Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme – the biggest scaffold training scheme recognised throughout the UK), so you can rest assured that all health and safety regulations are adhered to by us.

Our comprehensive commercial scaffolding includes:

  • Full building scaffolding
  • Marquee platforms and staging
  • Sign board support scaffolding
  • Advertising boards and banners
  • Contract scaffolds
  • Labour only scaffolding
  • Tower scaffolding
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Scaffold alarms
  • Rubbish chutes
  • Skip hire

We supply scaffolding for:

  • Office blocks
  • Hotels
  • Railway stations
  • Demolition works
  • Maintenance companies
  • Window companies
  • Construction sites – we are lift shaft experts
  • Scaffolds for churches and listed buildings

For your free quotation and free hire for the first 6 weeks, please call the professionals at martini scaffolding services on 020 8688 2288

Mobile & Static Towers Mobile & Static Towers Hire

Mobile & Static Towers

If you are planning to work at height our alloy scaffold towers provide a safe and stable solution.

They are easy to assemble and come with the latest safety features including hand rails and stabilisers and they do not require any specialist equipment to get them up and running.

Martini Scaffold Tower Hire

Our towers are available for both ongoing projects and short-term hire and come in a range of sizes from 2.4m to 12.4m in height.

Rubbish Chutes Rubbish Chute Hire

Rubbish Chutes from Martini

Standard Rubbish Chute is an ideal way of transferring debris and rubble from the various levels of any building or structure to a builders skip. Installed onto a scaffold or if no scaffold available, a simple ‘H’ frame should be used at a window opening or roof parapet.

Standard Rubbish Chute consists of the following five basic components:

Standard plastic module: This item is the main component of all assemblies. Each unit is 1m effective working length and comes complete with two fixing / support chains.

Steel liner: Designed to fit inside the standard plastic modules and act as a wear sleeve. Steel liners are recommended as additional protection on any installation where the materials being disposed of are particularly abrasive or sharp or at any point where the chute bends or kicks out and may create an impact point, for example where a chute comes away from the building to meet a skip.

Steel top hopper: Only one top hopper is required for each installation and the purpose of this unit is to provide an improved aperture at the point where debris is being placed into the chute to avoid any unnecessary spillage. Once the top section of chute is positioned and secured in place, the top hopper is added.

Plastic side entry hopper: This unit enables the user to construct a multi-entry chute in order that debris can be placed in the chute at various floor levels.

Plastic side entry hopper liner: The item fits inside the hopper and a flap controls the flow of debris from the level above while allowing further debris to be safely added at the lower level.

Access Towers Access Tower Hire

Access Towers

Aluminium mobile access towers are ideal for decorating, maintenance and general access applications. They can be constructed up to heights of 8.2m free standing, with platform lengths of 1.8m, 2.5m or 3.2m. By adding various elements to your access tower you can bridge conservatories, work on stairs and chimneys. The possibilities are limitless.

Tower Assembly Methods

Towers should be erected following a safe assembly method. There are two approved methods recommended by PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers' and Manufacturers Association which have been developed in co-operation with the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). A1 Hire have assembly guides and supporting components to allow users to follow either of the two approved methods, which are 3T (Through The Trap) or AGR (Advanced Guardrail) method.

3T Method (Through the Trapdoor)

The 3T method is the most common form of the build method, this enables the individual erecting the tower to be fully protected from the risk of a fall by positioning themselves within the trapdoor of the platform whilst guardrails are added or removed. This method is designed to ensure the operator does not stand on an unguarded platform.

Full width tower

A range of 1.45m wide alloy towers supplied with castor wheels for easy on-site mobility. A safe method of working at height for tasks such as inspection, general maintenance and light construction.

Narrow width tower

Where space is limited, our range of 0.85m wide alloy towers can solve your access problem - perfect for stairwells, alleys and narrow forecourts.

Temporary Roofs Temporary Roof Hire

Temporary Roofs

A large part of Martini Scaffolding’s business involves the erection of temporary roof structures as either an addition to an existing scaffold structure or as a stand-alone scaffold structure. Temporary roofs protect a construction project from weather, dust and environment damage.

The design and erection of temporary roofs has changed drastically over the years, with developments in the system scaffolding markets; components such as wider spans are now achievable.

Martini Scaffolding still carry out temporary roofs using the ‘traditional’ corrugated iron sheets but, since the early to mid 1990’s.

Martini Scaffolding maintains a large stock of the Haki system roof, so large covered areas can be erected without the need for intermediate support.

Comprehensive scaffolding in London, Kent and Surrey

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